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From historical moments to hysterical mixups - they've seen it all. Share the wisdom of the ages or just a good chuckle with TableTopics Grandparents edition. It's a great way to get contemporaries chatting and families connecting across generations. Get the real scoop from the voice of experience.

This set makes the perfect gift for all the Grandparent-types you know. They'll enjoy sharing their fondest memories, their point-of-view on current events and so much more! Whether talking with the grandkids or with their friends, grandparents-types can really express themselves with questions like:

Which song reminds you of slow dancing with your sweetheart in high school?

What do you still have from childhood?

Which of your past hair styles gives you a chuckle?

What was the most expensive thing you bought as a kid?

Who's the first person you ever had a crush on?

What qualities do you value most in friends?

Which song would you play in a convertible on a sunny day?

What were your grandparent's funniest habits?

Is there anything you wish you'd asked your parents?
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