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Open the pages of conversation about today’s favourite books. These compelling questions create the starting point for discussions about plot, setting, character, dramatic themes and more. Great for energising book clubs, or as a unique gift idea for avid readers, clever friends, conspiring colleages, or your next dinner party host.

What alternative title would you choose for this book?

How did the characters change from the beginning to the end of the story?

What question did the author ask and how was it answered?


From historical moments to hysterical mixups - they've seen it all. Share the wisdom of the ages or just a good chuckle with TableTopics Grandparents edition. It's a great way to get contemporaries chatting and families connecting across generations. Get the real scoop from the voice of experience.

This set makes the perfect gift for all the Grandparent-types you know. They'll enjoy sharing their fondest memories, their point-of-view on current events and so much more! Whether talking with the grandkids or with their friends, grandparents-types can really express themselves with questions like:

Which song reminds you of slow dancing with your sweetheart in high school?

What do you still have from childhood?

Which of your past hair styles gives you a chuckle?

What was the most expensive thing you bought as a kid?

Who's the first person you ever had a crush on?

What qualities do you value most in friends?

Which song would you play in a convertible on a sunny day?

What were your grandparent's funniest habits?

Is there anything you wish you'd asked your parents?


Try our new cube - fun questions to get any dinner party started!

A truly fabulous dinner party is a combination of great food and great conversation.

Get your next dinner party started with these fun, clever questions that will have all your guests talking and laughing. TableTopics Dinner Party cube is stress-free entertaining in a box...actually, they come in a beautiful cube, but you get the picture.

Thought-provoking, fun ice breakers for everyone - it's a perfect host or hostess gift too.

Who's your favorite celebrity right now and why?

What makes someone a success?

If you could name the street you live on what would you call it?


This little box holds a super-concentrated formula for a TON of girl talk. Questions include all the best things to talk about - your favorite ring tones, bad hair days and -- oh my gosh -- boys. Do not open unless you are totally ready for a night of whispers, giggles, and all-out fun!

Includes fun questions like...

Can you "say" any words in sign language?

If you could only eat one dessert for the rest of your life what would you choose?

Who's the nicest boy you know?


Here's a fun and interesting way to explore the situations we face every day. From the simple, to the serious and everywhere in between, these provocative conversation starters are sure to spark a lively debate! And, they'll reveal a whole new side to your friends and family.

Have you ever pretended to be sick to get out of something?

If you were asked to lie on a job recommendation for a friend would you?

Would you repackage a gift in a trendy store box to lead a friend to believe that you purchased it there?

Which virtue do you struggle with most?

If you found $200 at an ATM machine would you return it to the bank?

Is justice or mercy more important?
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